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We offer flexible sleeve for S-Flex coupling in 3 patterns: one-piece strong, one-piece split, and two-piece with retaining ring
The one-piece split style and design offers solutions for applications with exceptional needs in which smaller shaft separations inhibit the installation of a one-piece sound sleeve
Pre-molded teeth along the diameter with the sleeve engage with teeth in the coupling flanges
No clamps or screws are essential to connect the flanges with the flexible sleeve which securely lock with each other underneath torque for smooth transmission of power
Torque is transmitted by way of shear loading of your sleeve
All 3 sleeve materials are very elastic which permits the S-Flex coupling to safeguard connected tools from damaging shock loading, vibration, and shaft misalignment
JE, JN, JES, JNS Sleeve Forms
These sleeves function a one-piece style and design molded in EPDM & Neoprene rubber. In the case of JES & JNS Sorts, the one-piece style and design is split to provide for ease of set up and removal.
E, N Sleeve Styles
These sleeves feature a two-piece style with retaining ring. The E Type is molded in EPDM rubber and the N Type is molded in Neoprene. The two-piece layout is ideal for applications wherever there is difficulty in separating the shafts of your driver and driven.
H, HS Sleeve Types
These sleeves function both a one-piece strong (H) and two-piece split
(HS) style and design and are molded of Hytrel. The sleeves in Hytrel material are designed to transmit electrical power for high torque applications. Because on the layout and the properties of the Hytrel molded sleeve, the H and HS sleeves should not be used as direct replacements for EPDM or Neoprene sleeves, and can only be used with S, TF, or SC flanges.
Sleeve Supplies
EPDM ?§C Unless otherwise specified, S-Flex couplings are supplied with EPDM flexible sleeves. EPDM has good resistance to commonly used chemicals and is generally not affected by dirt or moisture. Color is black.
NEOPRENE ?§C Neoprene delivers very good performance characteristics for most applications and offers a very good resistance to chemical and oil conditions. Color is black with a green dot.
HYTREL ?§C Hytrel is a polyester elastomer designed for high torque and high temperature applications and offers excellent resistance to chemical and oil conditions. Color is orange.